Here comes your chance to snag a CUSTOM fursuit head commission from JILLCOSTUMES, with expedited completion just in time for FWA2019, BLFC2019 and Confuzzled 2019! Surprise your friends with a brand new fursuit head of YOUR personal character, or an artist designed character by jill0r! You don't have to be attending these conventions to win, either! This auction simply guarantees an EXPEDITED slot in the LIMITED JILLCOSTUMES queue - 2019 will see only 4-5 slots! No worrying over getting that commission you've been dreaming of ... this is your chance!

To place a bid, please read all info below! Bidding information is at the bottom of this page.
Please REFRESH this page with every visit to be sure info is most current! 

Auction will end Thursday, January 3rd
5:00PM PST / 8:00PM EST / FRIDAY 300 CET
or 15 minutes after the last bid has been placed.

Auction will be held privately via email. Bids (bidder IDs will be hidden) will be updated realtime through my Telegram channel - http://t.me/JILLCOSTUMESUPDATES and the high bid amount will be available at the bottom of this page throughout the auction.

Winner will receive a custom fursuit head commission with expedited completion. All designs subject to my approval before bidding - designs must be emailed to me before you are able to place a bid.  Artist designed projects are welcomed. Sorry, no wigs or long hair. No lights, LEDs, electronics. No moving jaws or 3D eyes.

What does this auction slot include?

Costume commission INCLUDES

  • professionally crafted machine washable fursuit head built on foam and balaclava base

  • the opportunity to commission additional matching parts at a later date (to be discussed)

You are bidding on the slot and a fursuit design of average complexity. Complicated markings like tattoos, stripes, rosettes or the addition of horns or large teeth will incur an additional fee of $200-$500 on top of winning bid price. 

The above designs are considered of "average complexity" and do not incur an additional design fee. Inquire for specifics about your design.

The above designs would incur a design fee, inquire for specifics about your design. Other examples that will incur a design fee include rosettes, spines, horns, tattoos, etc.

Payment and shipping info

Fursuit commission will be finished by February 22 2019. Winning bidder pays all shipping costs, including insurance. I ship worldwide. Payment via Paypal, Squarecash or Cashier's Check. 30% of winning bid amount must be paid within 72 hours of auction ending with the remaining 70% balance due February 22nd. NO "payment plans." 30% of your winning bid will be considered my standard "non-refundable deposit" - if you must cancel the commission and break contract for any reason, JILLCOSTUMES retains your 30% deposit.

Bidding information


$4100 - h***
$4000 - d***
$3950 - s***
$3900 - d***
$3850 - s***
$3650 - d***
$3600 - s***
$3550 - d***
$3500 - s***
$3450 - d***
$3400 - s***
$3350 - d***
$3300 - b***
$3250 - d***
$3200 - k***
$3150 - d***
$3100 - k***
$3050 - d***
$3000 - b***
$2650 - d***
$2600 - b***
$2550 - d***
$2500 - b***
$2000 - START BID
(please refresh the page for the most up to date bid status)

To place your first bid and submit your design idea for approval, please fill out the below form. I will be in touch as soon as possible! Subsequent bids can be placed via email or Telegram once your design and initial bid are approved. Please bid in whole dollar amounts, increments of at least $5

Thank you for your interest, and best of luck!!