Here comes your chance to snag a CUSTOM commission from JILLCOSTUMES, with expedited completion just in time for AC2017! Surprise your friends with a brand new fursuit of YOUR personal character, or an artist designed kitty by jill0r! You don't have to be attending Anthrocon to win, either! This auction simply secures an EXPEDITED slot in the JILLCOSTUMES queue!

To place a bid, please read all info below! Bidding information is at the bottom of this page. 

Winner will receive a custom-finished feline fursuit head utilizing their choice of design using the above pre-carved cat head base. All designs subject to my approval before bidding - designs must be shared with me via the form below before you are able to place a bid. Artist designed projects also apply! Just note your preference below. Domestic cats or big cats are OK. Sorry, no wigs, long hair, or giant horns at this time. Manes, mohawks, etc are OK. The basic head shape may not be changed. Buyer can choose ear type and expression. Add ons like removable eyelids or hypno eye overlays are NOT included in the winning bid price and will be negotiated in addition to the winning bid price.

Fursuit head will be finished in time for Anthrocon 2017 delivery. Winning bidder may order additional parts for their costume at +100% of normal cost (rush fee). Winning the auction is not a promise of JILLCOSTUMES completing other parts to match the finished fursuit head. You are bidding ONLY on the finished head. Unless the rush fee is paid, all additional costume parts will be completed Winter 2017-Spring 2018 at my normal rate if JILLCOSTUMES agrees to the project.

Winning bidder pays all shipping costs, including insurance. Payment via Paypal, Squarecash or Cashier's Check. 50% of winning bid amount must be paid within 72 hours of auction ending with the remaining balance due June 1st. NO "payment plans." 30% of your winning bid will be considered my standard "non-refundable deposit" - if you must cancel the commission and break contract for any reason, JILLCOSTUMES retains your 30% deposit.

Auction will start TUESDAY, APRIL 18th and ends THURSDAY, APRIL 20th at 5pm PST or 15 minutes after the last bid has been placed.

Auction will be held privately via email. Bids (bidder IDs will be hidden) will be updated realtime through my Telegram channel - http://t.me/JILLCOSTUMESUPDATES and the high bid amount will be available here on this page throughout the auction.

Auction is now CLOSED

$3600 - t***e@gmail.com 4:43PM PST
$3400 - o***l@gmail.com 4:42PM PST
$3000 - t**e@gmail.com 4:39PM PST
$2800 - o***l@gmail.com 4:37PM PST
$2700 - t***e@gmail.com 3:58PM PST
$2600 - o***l@gmail.com 3:32PM PST
$2450 - t***e@gmail.com 2:02PM PST
$2300 - c***s@gmail.com 1:27PM PST
$2250 - t***e@gmail.com 12:07PM PST
$2100 - o***l@gmail.com - 4/20 9:40AM PST
$2050 - t***e@gmail.com - 1:50PM PST
$2000 - o***l@gmail.com 1:00PM PST
$1900 - c***s@gmail.com 12:00PM PST
$1850 - t***e@gmail.com - 4/18 11:09AM PST

(please refresh the page for the most up to date bid status)